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A moment is defined as a particular period of importance, influence, or significance. Our lives are made in the moments.
They change us, grow us, make us who we are, and they happen all the time. Welcome to our moments.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Never leave the baby powder unattended....

It seems the throw it everywhere with jolly laughter has become a theme this week. 
 First it was the shredded cheese....gross and wasteful....but I thought that would be the end of it. 
Till today.
I was gone for a moment, researching swim lessons actually when I heard the mischievous giggling.  
Uh No.....I follow the sound to the pantry....there they were all three of them, covered in baby powder.  
Not just them, the floor, the shelves, and I was choking on it in the air. 
 I cleared them out and shut the door for fear of breathing problems, and couldn't help but smile.  
Rhett was loving it, and the big boys were dancing around.
I did punish, and I think/ hope they realize this is not a wise choice, but it was cute seeing them all covered baby powder. 

 Before Quint realized I was not thrilled he proclaimed "we are having a dust party!"  

There is still baby powder in the pantry.
At least it smells good, and does not get moldy:)

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